Unforgettable Stag Do: Mud Wrestling in Bratislava and Prague

mud wrestling Bratislava

Unforgettable Stag Do: Mud Wrestling in Bratislava and Prague

As the big day approaches and your mate is about to say "I do," you're probably on the hunt for a memorable stag do. Bratislava and Prague offer a unique and hilarious way to celebrate: mud wrestling! No need to be a professional wrestler or visit a training centre; this is more of a fun and unusual prank for the groom-to-be.

Mud Wrestling: Fun, Laughter, and a Bit of Slippery Action

When you head to a mud wrestling event, you won't be meeting instructors or trainers. Instead, you’ll experience an unexpected and amusing "fight" with two girls in sexy bikinis. Yes, you heard that right! It's a funny prank for the groom that he won't soon forget.

Mud Wrestling in Bratislava

Bratislava, with its distinct charm, is an ideal spot for this entertaining stag do activity. We've got the perfect venue where you can enjoy this in private and make the most of every minute. First, you'll watch two girls wrestling, and later, we'll throw the groom into the pool with them. Interested in XXL wrestling? Check out more in our Bratislava XXL Mud Wrestling Activity.

Mud wrestling Prague

Mud Wrestling in Prague

Bratislava isn't the only place where you can experience this quirky activity. Prague, with its rich history and unique atmosphere, is also a fantastic destination for a stag do. If you want something special and a bit of a laugh at the groom’s expense, mud wrestling should be on your agenda. We even offer an XXL mud wrestling special in Prague, where an XXL lady joins the groom in the ring. Can you imagine a better prank?

How to Get Started?


Choose your location, date, and a suitable time for mud wrestling with your crew and make an easy online reservation. We'll work out the details with you.

Jokes and Photos:

Prepare for hilarious moments, lots of laughter, and plenty of photos. Friends can use this opportunity to capture the best moments.

Groom in the Ring:

Let the groom slip and slide while trying to keep his balance in the muddy battle, all while you enjoy a drink in hand.


Bring suitable attire for the groom (Borat-style swimsuits are welcome!). Showers and towels are available at the end.

Why Mud Wrestling?

Mud wrestling here isn't about serious competition but about a funny and entertaining activity for the groom-to-be. This unusual stag do is a great way to make the day extra special and lighten the mood before the big event.