AK-47 Kalashnikov Shooting

AK-47 Kalashnikov Shooting

Activity info:

Indulge in an exclusive and unparalleled shooting experience at Krakow's only venue offering the iconic Kalashnikov AK-47 submachine gun!

Immerse yourself in the weight and power of the legendary AK-47, complemented by three other top-tier firearms loaded with live ammunition for a truly diverse shooting encounter.

Our professional instructors kick off the experience with a brief yet informative session on firearms handling. Equipped with your firearms, ear muffs, and safety glasses provided by us, you're ready to delve into the action. Cap off the event with a medal ceremony celebrating the sharpest shooters, and take home the targets as a memento of your liberating adventure.

The AK-47 package includes an impressive 40 shots across four firearm types: 

  • 10 shots from a 5.6 mm sport pistol, 
  • 10 shots from a 9 mm Glock, 
  • 15 shots from the iconic Kalashnikov AK-47,
  •  5 shots from the Mossberg 12/70 shotgun.

For your convenience, we offer two-way transportation exclusively for your group, with hotel pickup within the city of Krakow (additional charges apply for rides outside Krakow).

Explore our array of weapons packages for a weekend filled with adrenaline and freedom. Remember, sobriety is key for this experience and all our shooting offerings in Krakow.

Package Highlights:

  • Hotel pickup and dedicated round-trip transportation (exclusive for your group).
  • Accompanying English-speaking guide ensuring a friendly and smooth experience.
  • Rental of a premier shooting range in Krakow.
  • Concise briefing on firearms handling from experienced instructors.
  • All necessary equipment provided, including ear protectors, goggles, and targets to take home.
  • An exhilarating 40 shots across four firearm types per person (AK 47 Kalashnikov, 9 mm Glock, shotgun, 5.6 mm pistol).
  • Awarding of medals to commend the top marksmen.

Duration: 2 hours of thrilling marksmanship.

Price list

From (people) To (people) Price / pp
7 8 92.00 €
9 10 90.00 €
11 12 88.00 €
13 14 86.00 €
15 85.00 €


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You need to be sober to do this activity.

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