General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

This document constitutes the General terms and conditions which apply to services provided by by, a site operated by Mamoko s.r.o.. These are listed below in articles I to XII.

These terms and conditions are a contractual part of your (hereinafter referred to as the Client) specified service. Conditions also apply to all future transactions, even though they shall not be referred to explicitly. The terms as set out herein will take precedence over any other terms, conditions and/or stipulations in any of the Client’s documentation and any agreement, changes in agreements or any consensual cancellation shall not be valid unless reduced to writing and confirmed by Mamoko s.r.o..

The Client has known, read and understood the General terms and conditions and by booking our services the Client agrees to be bound by any and all provisions therein. 


Mamoko s.r.o. - the name of the company (hereinafter referred to as the Company), having its registered office at Plzenska 17/5, Bratislava, 83103, company ID number: 50 395 955, incorporated in the Companies Register of the Bratislava I District Court, Section: Sro, Insert number 112664/B, provider of; - the website operated by Mamoko s.r.o. which provides information on its activities and markets entertainment activities (hereinafter referred to as the Website or Online services);

Activity - the service, subject of sale. Fun, social and sporting events provided or mediated by the Company;

Client - the group leader, i.e. a natural person acting on their behalf or on behalf of the entrepreneur, ordering the activities and entertainment events;

Participants - the group of people involved in the entertainment activities organized by the Company in accordance with the General terms and conditions;

Information voucher - the summary of the reservation placed by the Client. It contains information such as the type of booked activity, number of participants, exact dates, deposit and other relevant information;

Confirmatory voucher - the contract confirmation about organizing the selected activity sent by an email, which includes summarizing information about these activities, date and time of the selected activity, number of people, contact details and conditions.

I. Contractual Relationship

The contractual relationship between the Company and the Client arises through a binding reservation and the payment of full amount or the deposit for all booked activities under the conditions mentioned below.

II. Prices, Reservation confirmation, Deposit

the prices are set according to the current price list, or upon oral or written agreement between the Company and the Client. The price always needs to be confirmed by an email.

the Client creates a reservation through the reservation system or by email or phone. Upon receipt of the reservation we automatically send out the Information voucher with further details: exact time and date of the ordered activities and the billing information.

the Company sets the deposit and it is between 20 - 100 %, depending on the nature of the service.

the reservation remains unconfirmed until the appropriate deposit is received in full. The deposit is payable within 5 days from the booking via bank transfer to the Company’s bank account or via Paypal.

the Confirmatory voucher will be sent to the Client upon the receipt of the payment. It will contain the exact dates and times for the booked activities.

the outstanding amount must be paid in full 7 days prior to the activity date or if agreed by both parts of the contract at the meeting point of the actual activity.

III. Cancellation by the Client

After placing a reservation for a specific date and time and the receipt of the deposit, it is not possible to cancel the contract with the Company. The deposit is non-refundable, since according to § 7 section 6 point k) of the Act No. 102/2014 Coll. on the protection of consumers in sale of goods or provision of services under remote contracts or contracts executed outside the business premises of the seller, the Client cannot withdraw from the contract, whose subject is providing free-time activities and according to which the Company undertakes to provide these activities in the agreed time or within the agreed period. The contract between the Client and the Company here represents the contract according to which the seller undertakes to provide a free-time service, i.e. the Activity, in the agreed time or within the agreed period of time.   

IV. Cancellation Policy

Unless there is no other written agreement with the Company Mamoko s.r.o., the following cancellation policy applies:

cancellation fee before deposit payment= 0 %

cancellation fee after deposit payment = the full deposit or at least minimum 30 % of the full price for the booked service

cancellation fee after deposit payment and less than 7 days prior to the booked service = 100 % of the full price for the booked service

V. Number of Participants Warranty

The Client acknowledges that the Company needs the exact number of participants involved in the booked activity. If the number of participants is lower, the cancellation policy mentioned in article IV applies to individuals. The Client is obliged to inform the Company about any changes in the number of participants at least one day prior to the activity. The guaranteed number of participants can be increased on the day of the activty. In this case, the full price for  the increased number of participants will be paid in cash according to the pre-agreed price. If the Client does not notify the Company that the number of participants have increased at least one day prior the booked activity, the Company may refuse to provide the booked service to these unregistered participants.

VI. Service alteration and Cancellation

Mamoko s.r.o. reserves the right to change the provided services due to:

bad weather conditions,

technical problems, which are beyond the Company’s control,

any potential threats or risks.

If Mamoko s.r.o. is not able to provide the booked services, the Client may be offered an alternative service. If the Client does not agree with the alternative service, the Company will refund the full amount of the deposit paid at the reservation. 


VII. Responsibility for the Client’s Security

The Company is not liable for any injuries during sporting or cultural activities offered and organized by the Company. Each Client of the Company participates in the activities at their own risk. The participant is obliged to follow the instructions of the responsible instructor, guide, driver or any other responsible part of the staff. The Company and its representatives have the right to exclude the Client from the activity if the Client is under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. For this purpose the Company has the right to carry out an alcohol breath test. If the Client refuses to take a breath test, the Company will write a witness report about the actual state of the Client. 

Exclusion and non-fulfillment of the program due to the reasons mentioned above will not be considered as the Company’s failure to provide the booked services.

VIII. Liability for Damage

The Client is liable for all damages caused to the Company Mamoko s.r.o. as well as damages done by other participants and the Client reimburses all these damages in full. 

The Company will only be liable for damages where it is clearly identified and proved that the damage has been caused by the Company. In no case is the Company liable for damages caused by a third party.

The Client is liable for all damages caused to external suppliers of Mamoko s.r.o. and damages caused by the Client’s members in the group. The Client will reimburse all these damages to Mamoko’s external suppliers in full. 

IX. Complaint Policy

If there are any complaints about the Activities, these must be communicated immediately to the representative of Mamoko s.r.o.. 

The Client may also send a written complaint to Mamoko s.r.o. within 14 days of completion of the booked activity giving full details, including the reason of the complaint, time of the activity and the Client also has to specify what they claim.

The Company is obliged to respond to the Client's complaint within 30 days of receipt of the complaint.  

X. Cancellation by the Company

The Company Mamoko s.r.o. is entitled to terminate a contractual relationship with the Client at any  time if:

The Client repeatedly violates the guidelines of the Company’s staff, destroys the property of the Company or its suppliers.

at least one of the participants is under 18 and the Activity is designed only for participants over 18.

force majeure or other exceptional circumstances which are beyond control of Mamoko s.r.o. make it impossible to fulfill the contract. The Client will be given an alternative date or an alternative activity. 

In these cases the Client is not entitled to any compensations.

XI. Personal Data Protection

By entering the data when booking an Activity, the Client expresses a consent to the processing of all given personal details. The Company undertakes not to give any of the Client’s personal data provided through the registration to a third party without the Client’s consent. The data will not be used for commercial purposes not connected with The Company must, however, disclose some information to the Company's external suppliers for the purpose of providing the Client with their arrangements. Only information necessary for the selected Activity will be disclosed to them.

The Company declares all the personal data will be deleted from the Company’s database upon the Client’s wish at any time.

XII. Final Provisions

The Client undertakes to inform all participants in the group about these final provisions.

The Client on behalf of the group agrees to behave in accordance with instructions from the Company’s staff or its suppliers. The Client or the participants will not destroy the property of the Company or its suppliers and in the event of damage caused by any member of the Client’s group, the Client takes the responsibility and agrees to settle all the extra costs resulting from the damage.

All participants must be at least 18 years old.  

For evening Activities the external service providers (casino, strip club, club, etc.) reserve the right to terminate their services if the Client infringes their rules- e.g. inappropriate clothing, strong influence of alcohol or other drugs, aggressive behaviour etc. For daytime activities, where there is a high level of risk (rafting, shooting, go-karts, etc.), the Client may be excluded from the Activity if under influence of alcohol or other drugs. 

By placing a binding order for an Activity the Client confirms to be closely acquainted with Mamoko’s General terms and conditions and agrees with them unconditionally.  

Effective date: 1 May 2021