Best Activities for Ladies in Kosice

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Hen Party in Kosice

Let´s guess for what do ladies care the most once they are choosing a city for their hen do? First of all we believe that a great farewell party should start with a beautiful pics in your special outfits picked only for this unforgettable party. What will make these pictures look more glamorous? Beautiful city environment. One of the most beautiful city center that you can find in Slovakia is exactly in Košice! Beautiful architecture, monuments, a lot of original art and beautiful parks. You just need to choose the best for you. And we can help you to pick not only the best places for your pictures but also we can arrange the best activities for your girls fun. Which bride is not dreaming about the luxurious limo ride around the lovely city, enjoying delicious coffee or cocktails on the terrace and at night enjoying the best party with the cherry on the top - sexy professional strip show? The best time for your hens party is in summer time but we can assure you that throwing a party in Košice is worth it in any season. In addition this city is very butget friendly in compare with the capital so you may save some Euro for more cocktails or souvenirs 

Nightlife in Kosice

Even Košice is slightly smaller than the capital - Bratislava, don´t think that the nightlife is less than in any bigger city. There is a saying that once Eastern Slovaks start enjoying the night the fun will last till morning and maybe even longer. What to expect? Party may start in one of the local bars with a variety of cocktails, delicious local wine, or beer and for more adventurous ladies we would recommend trying traditional Slovak spirits. Just watch out - they are pretty strong and you don´t want to end your night earlier than you planned :). Apart from the local pubs, you can find a lot of luxurious bars at a local price on the Main street. If you prefer a more cozy atmosphere go to the little wineries or let us book a lounge at the restaurant. After a delicious dinner, there may be a little surprise for the bride - a sexy strip show. Do you prefer a club? Let us arrange your private party in one of the most popular clubs in the heart of Košice! 

How to surprise the bride to be?

Tell us what she likes and we will prepare a special party package for your group accordingly. Is she a rocky girl? Let´s take her to the rock bars. Does she love hipster style? Košice offers plenty of artistic places which are so original, local and cozy. Don´t you want to be a part of the crowd? Of course, enjoy your party in a traditional girly way but try some interesting Košice´s picks. For example, instead of lunch at the restaurant try little healthy fast food called Soup culture where they serve you delicious soup to the eatable cup. Do something unexpected - for example, a strip show in the morning as a sexy wake-up for the bride. Does she want to go to the party? Take her! But firstly let your group be dropped off by the VIP limo in front of the Casino. Combine traditional with non-traditional and your weekend will be more funny and unforgettable than you thought. 

What accommodation in Kosice for our hen party?

Girls squad deserves the best accommodation. Where to find it? Try one of the apartments in the historic buildings in the Old town. Most of them are very spacious and with a stunning interior design which will make your stay more pleasant. If you prefer a more luxurious option we would strongly recommend you to book one of the hotels in the heart of the city where you may experience great comfort and services such as a spa or delicious breakfast. What can help more after a long party night than a cup of coffee and a relaxing massage? And once you book your accommodation in the city center you don´t need to worry about booking a taxi or any transport. All the main attractions of Košice are on or nearby the Main street so that means easily reachable on foot even in your high heels!      

TOP hen activities in Kosice

Check out the most popular activities organized exclusively by us. They are original, sexy and definitely not be boring. Verified by time, customers and also directly by our great team.

Hen ideas for your weekend in Kosice

If you are in Košice for the whole weekend we would strongly recommend you to plan different activities in order to make your trip more diverse and joyful. Apart from the chilling or doing sight-seeing in the city, there are many other ways how to spend your time in an enjoyable way. If girls in your group are nature-lovers then you must visit one of the beautiful national parks with our pride - mountains. There are a lot of stunning natural places, eyes catching castles, and many other attractions which East of Slovakia offers. Our tip is to make a little research about the things to do in this location before you arrive and we can definitely help you with arranging the trip. If you just want to stay in Košice and don´t want to travel (even these places are very nearby) in such a case you should check our daily activities such as paintball, shooting packages or many others.