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Hen party in Prague

Hundred-towered Prague, the mother of cities, offers many cultural, historical and educational activities. At the same time, it is a leader in the field of tourism with above-standard services of the entertainment industry and gastronomy. It is therefore an ideal place for your party. You can choose from many activities that are guaranteed to entertain the whole group and guarantee everyone the best hen ride for the future bride. For example, amazing cruises on the Vltava river, under Charles Bridge or under Vysehrad castle on modern party boats with Prosecco, quality beer and wine. You will definitely not be disappointed in the local traditional or modern restaurants. Farewell to freedom cannot do without visiting Prague famous bars or music clubs. At the same time, you can also find a lady’s clubs here, where, apart from the gallant and sexy men's staff, there are no other men. Prague thus offers you the whole spectrum of entertainment and we have selected only the best for you.

Transport and accommodation in Prague

All roads lead to Rome. In the Czech Republic, it can be said about Prague. You can get here in every way. By car, train, bus, plane or boat. Prague has one of the best integrated transports in the world. Transportation here is fast here and not expensive. The train or bus will unload you in the heart of the city, so your party can start immediately upon arrival. What everyone is sure to appreciate are the local accommodation options from apartments to hostels and cheaper hotels to luxury hotel rooms. You can find a cozy room in the romantic places of the Old Town or modern apartment in the fancy hotels. Thanks to excellent transport accessibility, accommodation outside the center of Prague can be very comfortable for you and without any complications.

How to set up and prepare a Hen ride

Your Hen party can take several forms. However, the basis is that the future bride have to be satisfied. Therefore, all plans must be adapted to her. The moment of surprise is also very important, that is what the bride does not expect at all. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a suitable date for the whole group. The number of people can fluctuate constantly, which can be a big problem if you organize party activities yourself. Of course, agencies like ours are counting on this, and our professionals will save you a lot of organizational effort during these constant changes. When choosing activities, consider whether the future bride is interested in sexy activities – those are activities with the participation of a stripper. It can happen that an unpleasant situation occurs during the hen party evening and will affect the rest of the whole night. Proper settings can sometimes be time consuming and stressful, so we offer our services of the party ride professionals.

Ideas for a Hen party in Prague

On our website we offer you a lot of ideas on how to spend parting time in Prague. A Hen ride doesn't have to be just about drinking all day, or having a dinner together and visiting a nightclub. Although this is definitely a classic ride that the bride will appreciate. But when you combine it with other activities and with taste of Prague, she will remember it forever. Sailing on the Vltava river on our party boats is one of the most popular. Before or after the farewell night you can try our wellness packages or special dance courses. You can take a party ride in luxury limousines to move to a dinner or to the ladies' club. There are many possibilities and combinations and it only depends on your preferences, how you imagine your farewell day. The only important thing is to choose a suitable program connected with your group and set some time reserves for your activities – you don´t have to hurry up and you and future bride will enjoy the ride more

Top hen do activities in Prague

Check out the most popular activities organized exclusively by us. They are original, sexy and definitely not be boring. Verified by time, customers and also directly by our great team.

Evening tips in Prague

very evening in Prague you can expect its famous night entertainment. You can start with a great dinner in one of the many Prague restaurants, which can be a truly exceptional experience thanks to the high level of Prague gastronomy. After your meal, you can take a walk along the riverside or book one of our Hen party cruises. These will give you really strong moments at sunset. Some famous Prague bars are also part of our party offer. Your party can continue with a visit to a lady’s club with handsome and sexy men's staff. Or you can book a Karaoke lounge, where we will take you in a luxurious Hummer limousine with a stripper directly on board. After all, we offer you male striptease in several variants. Our strippers are real professionals. You can also choose from a large number of music clubs and discos. A large number of our clients will confirm that Prague is an excellent destination for a Hen party ride and the bride was really enjoying it.