Stag Do in Brno

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Stag party in Brno

Want to visit Czech for your stag and don´t want to go to the Prague? What about Brno? It is a great destination for a stag party. It offers all the services that you imagine on your ride and the groom will definitely appreciate. We have selected for you the best tips, ideas, activities and programs that you can experience in Brno. Daily activities are mainly of an adrenaline nature, such as Go-carts, quad bikes or a ride on an APC. You can also try our carefully assembled shooting packages. For evening, Brno offers various options from dinner in a restaurant or sitting in good bars to a music clubs or Strip clubs. It depends on our preferences and what the groom likes and what he will definitely appreciate. The range of offers in Brno is wide and you will definitely choose.

How to get to Brno

Why Brno? This can also be a question from members of your stag group or the groom when organizing your part ride. A clear advantage of Brno is its transport accessibility and location of the South Moravian metropolis. You can easily get to Brno within the Czech Republic and from Slovakia, Austria and Poland as well. Brno is a highway crossroad if you planning to go by car. You can come here comfortably by train and you can even arrive from more distant regions by plane. In addition to transport accessibility, there are modern hotels, hostels and private apartments, which are very affordable. Your group can even live right in the city center or in its vicinity.

Tips for a daily stag program in Brno

What can Brno offer you for a day program? You can spend time walking around Brno with stops for "refreshments". There is a lot of to see and a lot of pubs to try. But you can also try a more action-packed time and choose from our adrenaline packages. For example, our stag shooting packages, where you can choose from various variations from an AK-47 to a "Sniper" package with sniper rifles. Or have a full Go-cart races in the Go-cart hall right close the city the center. We also offer a quad bike riding or a tank-ride in a military armored vehicle. Everything with a full comfort. We also offer a unique ride in Brno - a ride by the Partybus – a special bus, which was adapted to the style of a night music club.

Evening stag ideas in Brno

The evening in Brno offers for a great stag ride everything you needed. You can start the evening with a delicious dinner in the restaurant in the private lounge. Why a lounge? To arrange a private Strip show for you, it really suits for the bachelor party, presented by our sexy strippers. After dinner, you can take a limousine to bar or a music club. Our English-speaking guide will guide you there. Or you can choose a great Party bus, which is adapted to the style of a night music club. In addition, it has a fully stocked bar, service and you can bring your own drink here. The South Moravia is a well-known wine region, so for the wine lovers, we will organize a stag party in a private lounge in the wine cellar right in the center of Brno with a varied variation of Moravian wines, refreshments and a sexy Strip show in addition. Just choose your way.

Strip show and sexy activities in Brno

A stag party in Brno can also be a spicy one. If your whole group and the groom agree you can spice up your ride with a various sexy activities. Our beautiful girls will show you their sexy shows in a restaurant, club lounge, Karaoke bar, apartment, limousine or party bus. If you find the classic striptease a little, you can try our Lesbo show straight away. For even more fun, try the farewell Domina show. You can also try our packages at the Brno Strip Club. We have selected the best combinations with drinking for you so that you can really enjoy the evening.

TOP stag do activities in Brno

Check out the most popular activities organized exclusively by us. They are original, sexy and definitely not be boring. Verified by time, customers and also directly by our great team.