Burlesque Stag Show

Burlesque Stag Show

Activity info:

Burlesques are dazzling divas, showgirls and glamor girls who bring magical experiences to everyday reality and entice their audience to enter, at least for a moment, a dream full of shiny stones, corsets, feather properties, teasing eroticism and humor.

We offer classic, elegant or dynamic burlesque performances lasting 6 minutes, suitable for any space. The glitter of stones, feather fans, furs and champagne... Do you want to tease the groom? Surprise him with burlesque! 

Anywhere in Prague - you just need to have a place as a changing room and some sound system.

It can be adapted to the desired music, color tuning of the event or perform live music by prior arrangement.

What´s included?

  • Performance preparation;
  • Private Burlesque performance (6 minutes);
  • Travel within Prague;
  • English-speking guide.


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