An unusual party town in Slovakia? Definitely Kosice

Maybe you haven't heard of Košice yet, but you should. Did you know that it is the hidden pearl of eastern Slovakia and at the same time the second largest city? Košice will enchant all party people not only with a great atmosphere but also with gastronomy and true Slovak hospitality. Do not hesitate and try to organize your farewell party right here for a change. Košice is the right place if you want to try a new, unexplored destination with your group. You will not regret it.

How to get here?

You can basically get to Košice in three ways. The first is to fly directly to Košice from London Luton or Stansted Airport, Liverpool or Dublin, Ireland. The second option is to fly to Bratislava and from there go to Košice by car or train, and enjoy the beauty of Slovakia, while this journey takes a few hours. The last way is to fly to Vienna and from there fly to Košice, while the flight takes only a few tens of minutes.


In the center of Košice, you will find dozens of high-quality establishments with not only Slovak but also foreign cuisine. You must not forget to taste the quality Slovak wines that are grown in this Carpathian region. Košice will welcome you with pleasant weather, especially in spring and summer. While you're here, be sure to try the traditional East Slovak cuisine, which is significantly different from that of West Slovakia.

Night life

Even though Košice may seem like a smaller city to you, it definitely has a lot to offer. After a hearty dinner in the city center, go see the Singing Fountain, which plays beautiful tunes all day long. Then have a drink in one of the stylish bars, and when the time comes, move to the clubs, of which you can find plenty right in the city center. The friendly Eastern nature will surprise you even during exuberant entertainment. You will have fun until dawn.


Guys, do you like chocolate and hot girls? Who could resist this combination? We have prepared a show for you that you will never forget. Matches of girls in chocolate, and you can enjoy the last round with them. You don't have to worry, the price also includes a shower. ☺

Why should only gentlemen spend time in a casino? Even women will enjoy playing chips in one hand and champagne in the other hand. We will arrange for you a visit to a luxurious casino in the center of Košice, while the price already includes chips worth 20 euros and a welcome drink. If you don't know how to play, you don't have to worry, professional interpretation of the games will be provided for you.

You must not miss the center of Košice and the most famous monuments such as St. Elizabeth's Cathedral. A tour of the historic city center will not take you more than half a day.

A ride on an armored personnel panzer is the perfect start to any stag do. You and your group can spice up your stag do by riding an armored 12-ton monster, just an hour's drive from Košice. You can even choose a more challenging route to drive the panzer yourself.

City Wellness is the right thing for all those who indulge in a good party. If something goes well after an overindulgent night, it's homemade broth and quality wellness. You can treat yourself to exactly that in Košice. First, you will relax in the sauna, and then you will forget all the stress under the hands of experienced masseuses. You will leave the wellness area feeling reborn.