Top 5 favourite stag / hen do activities in Prague

Don't know whether to choose the "right" activity for the future groom/bride? 

Try the proven classics, the most ordered packages on for Prague.

1. Hummer Strip ride

This package definitely won't disappoint. An hour-long ride with a bottle of sparkling wine and a private strip show. The spacious Hummer offers party lighting and music (you can play your own) - plus it will take you to the venue you want to continue. Capacity up to 15 people. The package is very popular for ladies and gents rides.

2. Cruise with unlimited drinks

The first of the two most popular cruise packages. Cruise for 2 hours and unlimited drink package on a party boat for up to 35 people. Sympathetic captain, beautiful Prague scenery, private cruise and party atmosphere. You can spice it up with a private strip show or a tasty buffet.

3. Strip boat basic

The second cruise package is a little simpler and includes a 1 hour cruise with a welcome drink and private strip show. The package has several variations depending on the type of ship - or the size of the group. Of course it is possible to extend it or add unlimited drinks, buffet, etc. There are more options you can choose from. Even in an hour of cruise the boat can make a beautiful circuit of the center of Prague. This package deserves its place among the most popular ones.

4. Steak and strip / Dinner and strip

"All time classics" as one might say. A package that has been the most popular for many years. Private lounge in the restaurant, dinner in the form of steak or other dishes, plus drinks and a private strip show. Sounds simple but it always fits perfectly in a bachelorette party. If you arrive at the restaurant hungry and not yet in full party mode, you're guaranteed to leave the restaurant fed and fired up for more bachelorette fun.

5. Limo and cruise package

This combo package is definitely in the top 5. The party limo will give you a ride for an hour and then drop you off at the boat where you'll enjoy an hour of cruising with music, plus unlimited drinks and a strip show. Of course, the order can be changed or the package can be otherwise adjusted to your satisfaction. But at its core, this combination has risen to the top of the elite in popularity, and we know why. It's simply great. 

We've picked our top 5 favorites, but that doesn't mean the other decks are idle. There are plenty of them, and you might like many of them better. So go ahead, place your order and we will be happy to prepare and implement them for you.